IMO: Who Redbird was not?

Please understand, before reading this rather long post that the information included in this post is to separate the fact from fiction in reference to the Redbird who was murdered in Clay County Kentucky prior to Feb. 1797 and for whom the Redbird River & Redbird petroglyph in Clay County Kentucky were named after. Also, please note that Redbird was a common Native name and that there were numerous Redbirds during that time period. This post is of no concern of any other Native American, who may have resided in that area at that time who went by that name.

Over the years, two Clay County, Kentucky families have claimed that their ancestor was the Redbird who was killed in Clay County, Kentucky. These two families are the Sizemores & the Brocks. However, it is my firm belief that these legends are not correct and that their ancestors were not the Redbird in question. Therefore, this post may make those determined to believe those claims very upset, and for that I apologize for now.

What are some of the legends? And why do I think they are incorrect?

Let us start with the Sizemore claim which places Redbird as the father of two of the children of Rhoda Sizemore (daughter of George Sizemore). The two children of Rhoda Sizemore in question were John (b. ca 1804) & Russell (b. ca 1801). Other than the date of Redbird’s murder (ca. 1797) excluding this possibility ; DNA testing has shown that John, son of Rhoda, was also the son of an “Unnamed Sizemore” either Rhoda’s brother or an Uncle. Russell, proven by DNA, was the son of an “Unknown Begley”. You can view the results of this DNA testing here:

Next, the legend that states that Aaron Brock (1721-1820) was the Redbird who was killed in Clay County, Kentucky. First, the Redbird, who was killed, was murdered BEFORE 14 Feb. 1797 (As shown in letters on the following pages of this post). Aaron Brock died ca 1820; therefore, that excludes him by dates alone. However, according to DNA testing (results can be seen at: ) Aaron Brock’s descendants do not match Native American haplogroups, but a subgroup of the J Haplogroup which is Jewish ( You can learn more about this Haplogroup here and ) .

The following pages provides proof for my argument of these legends. And yes, I descend from both the Sizemore & Brock lines which make these claims; therefore, getting the facts straight on this has been a personal mission for many years.