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Welcome to our Manuscript Collection. Here you will find a variety of historical manuscripts that can use in your research.


Manuscript Collection
Indictment of Alexander Mall for stabbing Samuel Atwood. [1770]Letter to Thomas and John Fleet. [1774]Draft of Instructions to Boston's Representatives in General Court (1768)Letter to Dr. Franklin from the Committee of Correspondence (1775)
Document testifying that soldiers clubbed children [1770]Petition to prevent importation of tea (1773)Letter to Gen. Benjamin Lincoln (1779)Document authorizing £100 for delegates to Continental Congress (1775)
Letter book of General Lincoln containing copies of 339 letters written at the time of the siege of Charleston (1779)Document appointing a committee to thank General Conway and Isaac Barre for helping to repeal Stamp Act (1766)Document protesting against Provincial Congress' vote diverting provincial taxes... (1774)Letter to the printers of the Boston newspapers condemning radicals as dangers to liberty (17??)
American casualties in battles of Lexington and Concord, with other deaths to May 1, 1776Petition to Selectmen for the resignation of tea consignees (1773)A list of prisoners confined in goal. (1777)Letter to Benjamin Stelle, Deputy Paymaster of Rhode Island army (1779)
Capt. Isaac Davis killed at Concord, April 19th, 1775Letter to Board of War about arms and equipment (1775)British 14th Regiment from Castle Island to Common. (1772)Governor's Proclamation from the State of Franklin (1785)
Letter from Governor John Sevier to the warriors of the Cherokee Nation (1803)Letter from John Sevier to settlers living on Indian lands (1804)Letter from Andrew Jackson to John Sevier, October, 3, 1803Letter from John Sevier to Colonel R.J. Meigs (1803)…
Notice to the Cherokee from General Nathaniel Smith, Superintendent of Cherokee Removal (1838)Proceedings against Dr. Benjamin Church for treason (1775)Letter to Selectmen requesting town meeting to consider Tea Act (1773)Diaries of cruise with privateer from Boston (1779)
Proceedings of a court martial (1775)Document of the appointment of James Warren... (1776)Timothy Hamant oath of loyalty to America (1775)Deposition of Andrew Greer (1803)
Documents about ship seized by American privateer...(1777)Minutes of meetings about Tea Act (1773)Muster rolls of Col. Jacob Gerrish and others (1777)Letter to His Excellency from the Worcester Committee of Correspondence (1775)
Letter to Messrs. John de Neufville and son in Amsterdam about American finances (1781)Deposition about Boston Massacre (March 6, 1770)Letter to John Hancock about the evacuation of Boston (1776)Letter to Gen. John Thomas about fortifying Nook's Hill at night (1776)
Letter to his father, Hugh Percy, 1st Duke of Northumberland, about Brooklyn battle (1776)Letter to Capt. Hector McNeil about Capt. Pepper's treason (1776)Letter to General John Thomas, Commander of the American troops at Roxbury (1775)Letter to George Greenville, relaying news of the Boston Massacre (1770)
Letter to Gen. Seth Pomeroy about Ticonderoga, Stockbridge Indians, and Benedict Arnold's recruits (1775)Approximately 1,000 receipts for supplies issued to state ships and units. (1778/9)Letter to James Bowdoin and others about English reactions of the Boston Massacre (1770)Muster roll of Capt. Gershom Nelson's Company (1775)
Letter to John Hancock, about the Battle of Freeman's Farm and casualties (1777)Letter to Boston town meeting saying he (Thomas Hutchinson) is unable to do anything about tea shipments (1773)Letter to John Thaxter about French fleet at Newport, Boston's defenses, and currency (1778)A larum list under the Command of Capt. Martin Gay (1769)
The indictment of Thomas Preston and others... (1770)Indictment of Thomas Preston, William Wemms, James Hartegan, William McCauley, Hugh White... (1770)Letter asking for water and flour (1775)Opinion regarding the right of free African Americans to hold real property (1771)
Invoice of food stores hidden at Reading church (1775)A document testifying about the Boston Massacre (1770)Estimate of losses because of British damage (1775)Document for the Medway Committee of Correspondence... (1775)
Letter to Gen. John Thomas about opening Governor Hutchinson's trunks (1775)Document to Major Chase asking for rum and beer for the fatigue men at Dorchester Neck per order of Col. Greaton (1775)Receipt for blankets from state signed by Jonathan Eaton and 62 other men (1775)Letter to Christopher Leffingwell about supplies and Gen. Israel Putnam's arrival (1776)
Letter to his brother, Algernon Percy, about the dissolution of his marriage to Lady Anne Crichton-Stuart (1778)Letter to Tapping Reeve about General Schuyler's superiority over Sir John Johnson and rumors that General Richard Montgomery is not dead (1776)Letter from John Sevier to Governor Patrick Henry announcing the formation of the State of Franklin (1785)Survey and plat of Brigadier General Jethro Sumner land in Davidson County (1803)
Kasper Mansker - long hunter narrative (bef. 1824)Declaration of his Intentions in selling a horse to British just prior to the Battle of Concord... (1775)An account of some of the bloody deeds of General Andrew Jackson (ca. 1828)Letter to John Hancock about damage to Boston and evacuation by the British (1776)
Letter to John Hancock stating that dinners for the London merchants lobbying for repeal of Stamp Act cost ?1500 (1766)Letter to Isaac Winslow about Canada and General Burgoyne (1776)Letter to Gentlemen reporting repeal of Townshend Acts except the Tea Act, criticizing Bostonians for breaking Non-importation Agreements (1770)