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Submissions/Volunteers wanted:

Appalachian Genealogy is seeking submissions for articles, genealogy data, and any other resources that can be used in genealogy research.


  • Blog Posts
  • Ebooks
  • Transcriptions
  • Photos


  • You must own the copyright, or have permission to share, the information in which you submit.
  • You must agree that any items you submit will be placed on the Appalachian Genealogy website, and will be forever free to the public.
  • You must enter a link to the information you are submitting below. We recommend a service such as Drop Box or Google Drive.

Compensation: Appalachian Genealogy is a nonprofit website. However, you may include 1 advert code to be placed on the page with the information you submit (example, AdSense code – NO pop codes and no adverts that link to adult, hate, etc. content).