“Titan launch test from Cape Canaveral, only first stage engine tested, 2nd stage only a dummy, engine with 300,000 lbs thrust successful (2) News In Brief – Berlin mayor Willy Brandt arrives in U.S., speaks in English (3) “Virginia” – Fort Meyer VA funeral of 6 bodies returned by Russia, crew of plane shot done by Russia, no word of other 11 crew missing (partial newsreel).”

(1) People celebrate new Africa state of Ghana, Nixon visits Nkruma and Adam Clayton Powell, UN rep Ralph Bunch, first beauty queen Miss Ghana (2) ship accident in Delaware river, Navy tanker hit freighter (3) Princess christend in Monaco, daughter of Grace Kelly (4) Mardi Gras in New Orleans (partial newsreel)

You will notice in this film that they are using the original words to the Pledge of Alliance and many of them are using the original salute that accompanied it (The Bellamy salute – think of Hitler’s salute).. The salute was changed to placing the hand over the heart after WW2 and the words changed soon after that to include “God”. Pay close attention to people in the crowd to see the original salute.