American Day’ Fete Biggest Patriotic Meeting In History 1941/05/20

You will notice in this film that they are using the original words to the Pledge of Alliance and many of them are using the original salute that accompanied it (The Bellamy salute – think of Hitler’s salute).. The salute was changed to placing the hand over the heart after WW2 and the words changed soon after that to include “God”. Pay close attention to people in the crowd to see the original salute.

“New York, NY: Hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans jam Central park for ‘I Am An American Day’ rally, in a dramatic outpouring of faith and allegiance to the U.S. in its gravest hour since 1917.” scenes include sound of pledge of allegiance recited. (2) Atlantic City, NJ: Representatives from theatres and film exchanges assemble for the Variety Club Convention, for a gala parade and presentation of the club’s award, this year to Dr. Carver, Negro educator.” George Washington Carver speaks, was born in 1861, is 80 years old. (partial newsreel)

The Bellamy salute
Image Source: Wikipedia